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Summer term is underway with an additional session starting on Monday, July 1. Fall term begins Monday, Aug. 19.

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The average classroom ratio of students to faculty at COD is 22 to 1.

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Explore a Vast Campus

There are more than 1.75 million square feet of academic space on the College of DuPage campus.

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A Program for Everyone

COD offers seven degrees in over 150 areas of study.




Success Stories: Bridget Kingston

"It was through a handful of phenomenal COD professors that I began to see what I wanted my future to look like. Their intelligence and devotion to their craft made me realize I didn’t have to sacrifice what I loved in lieu of a predictable career path."

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Success Stories: Matt Miltonberger

"It’s OK to try something completely new where you have to work incredibly hard in order to learn how to make it work, or it’s completely OK to try something new and fail. Either way, you’re trying something that you’ve never tried before, and that’s really how you learn."

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Success Stories: Grace Biernacki

"College of DuPage is an amazing community college. The classes are as rigorous and detailed as those at a four-year school, and it’s an extremely wise financial choice."

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Success Stories: Tony Badway

“My wife got into nursing in her mid-20s, and as I heard about her day-to-day adventures, I got more and more interested over the years.”

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Success Stories: Danya Nasr

"I gained knowledge, skills and experience at COD that are helping me in both my career and life in general. In addition, gaining skills in communication and problem solving helped in boosting my confidence."

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